Our Mission
    Exentriks is here to make your life easier, entertaining, productive, and unforgettable. We do not pretend to be, we are a small tech company which has set its sights in being the best in the industry. Delivering quality and industry satisfying websites is only part of our great plan to make the world a better place. We are Eternal, we are Righteous, and we go the extra miles to make your goals and our Goals be Accomplished.
Exentriks Web Services
    Exentriks, Inc. was founded by Franco Nicolas Petitfour, a young college student with a great desire to make the World a Better Place. Exentriks' Journey to Seek Better World helps gain an understanding that Power and Responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Making the World a Better Place through the Most Powerful resource humans have today: Technology; a task many have taken on before. How much more could we be doing in order to Tackle Today's Most Challenging problems? To Help Our Cause, Exentriks has Picked Up Today's Most Emmersive Communications Method: The Internet.
Understanding the Web
    The Internet is the Premium Source to Gather Information, without the internet the World would stop Functioning as Efficiently. Your Home Page must be an Accurate Representation of who you are as a Company. Below, you will find Just That: a Simple Layout we could Relate to Reach our Audience.
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Web Services
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Exentriks Website Design & Development

Need a Web Master for a Web Design & Development Project? Exentriks will help make your Mobile Friendly Web like no other! Exentriks will set you up with an astonishing Website which will include your own custom theme. Exentriks will give you a Free Estimate and offer a Broad Range of Business Services, from designing and hosting your website to maintaining your social media.

Mobile Friendly Web

Exentriks seeks to make your Website accessible on mobile devices with maximum impact.

Affordable Web Design

Exentriks will develop and design your Website. We take on small to large applications. We believe that customers should not pay fortunes to develop and design a web site. Our Affordable Web Design will leave your colleagues asking how is it possible to attain such a beautiful Web for such a great price.
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Web Traffic Statistics

If you want to know how many visitors you are getting daily, we can help you out with that by seetting you up with a statistics software which will let you know just that and a whole lot more such as geographic charts of where visits are coming from.

Business Card Designs

Exentriks will not only develop your Business Card Designs, but we will also include Logo Designs, and multiple ways to advertise your business.

Expand Business

Exentriks will help you Expand & Grow your Business by getting more clients. We achieve this expansion with an influx of unique advertising methods. Check Our Web Services below and get a real taste of success!

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